November 6, 2016 @ 9:14 AM


Here it is!  My Mosaic Night light kit with No Day Adhesive file

- Your kit

-  Plain clear piece of glass - 3 inch square with sanded sides to help prevent cuts"

- No Day Adhesive film

- Night light

- Hardware

- light bulb

- direction

You will need to purchase your own mosaic supplies.

NO Days Mosaic Adhesive Product Benefits

    Bonds to a variety of surfaces (direct method)
    Designed for both interior and exterior application
    Quicker and cleaner than using liquid or cement adhesives
    Clear film design allows you to see or trace your pattern
    Non-toxic, no fume byproduct
No Days Mosaic Adhesive film is a heat activated adhesive. In order to get a full bond, the tiles need to be heated to 160ºF (70ºC). Once the tiles are heated, you can move them around easily with tweezers or other heat proof tool. BUT, once the adhesive starts to cool and set up, the bond will weaken if you continue to move the tiles. If you still need to re-position the tiles, heat them up so the adhesive flows again, and then let it cool completely to set. Once the adhesive and tiles have cooled down, you can grout immediately! It generally only takes 5-10 minutes for this to happen.